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Does Your Website Get You Leads?

If no, then maybe it’s time for a change.  LEADgravy has optimized 100’s of, traffic driven lead producing web sites for over 15 yrs.

This type of SEO experience is to most local business owners, un-affordable while finding a reliable SEO is such a daunting task in a world of so many fakes leaves many owners to take on the task of SEO in house… boy is that a lot to learn.

What if I told you I could give you a head start. Give you a boost in the right direction. Provide you with a fast, safe, reliable, updated and hosted CMS web site along with the guidance of 15 yrs real life SEO experience.

Not only will Google immediately love your new site, but you will have the confidence knowing that you are working on a platform with a proven track success in the search engine ranking placement or SERPs.

What if I told you, that you could get this updated web site, at an affordable rate, with the ability to “Chat with an SEO”.

What’s the catch you say?  Well, no catch, just an ongoing monthly fee, kinda like your cable bill… except this subscription will grow your business and gain you exposure and yes, leads!

You ask “How many leads can my web site produce”?

Well, that varies by site, industry, location and investment.

We offer support for multi-location franchise web sites, in fact 10yrs of SEO experience is directly related with multi location franchise SEO, 180+ locations.  We do local, we don’t make web sites, we make web site better.

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